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Hello, my name is Joji Montelibano, and I work in the CERT Insider Threat Center. When members of our team give presentations, conduct assessments, or teach courses, one of the most common questions is, "Just how bad is the insider threat?" According to the 2010 CyberSecurity Watch Survey, sponsored by CSO Magazine, the United States Secret Service (USSS), CERT, and Deloitte, the mean monetary value of losses due to cyber crime was $394,700 among the organizations that experienced a security event. Note that this figure accounts for all types of security incidents, including both insiders and outsiders. What is especially concerning is that 67% of respondents stated that insider breaches are more costly than outsider breaches.

Hi, this is Chris King. Any organization that stores data about individuals has a responsibility to protect that information. We regularly hear news stories about celebrities' personal information being stolen and released to the media. Some of these leaks are caused by unauthorized individuals at organizations who are entrusted with confidential data. Recently, the media reported on an incident in which the confidential records of a contestant on a popular reality television show were improperly accessed by employees in multiple law enforcement agencies, a municipal court, a prosecutor's office, and the state department of motor vehicles. These people were eventually identified and punished, but this incident should remind organizations that deal with confidential information that it is important to be proactive about monitoring for unauthorized access.