Archive: 2010-09

This entry is the first in a series of "deep dives" into insider threat.

Hi, this is Chris King from the CERT Insider Threat Center. Through the course of our research, we noticed that insiders couldn't be lumped into a single category. There are individuals who steal or commit fraud for profit, others who steal because of a sense of entitlement, and some who want to exact revenge against an organization simply because they are angry. We noticed a pattern in the ways insiders acted and were able to separate them into three main categories of crime: IT sabotage, theft of IP, and fraud. This entry focuses on IT sabotage.

Hi, this is Dawn Cappelli, technical manager of the Insider Threat Center at CERT. Thanks for taking the time to visit our new insider threat blog. As many of you know, we've been doing insider threat research since 2001. Our mission is to raise awareness of the risks of insider threat and to help identify the factors influencing an insider's decision to act, the indicators and precursors of malicious acts, and the countermeasures that will improve the survivability and resiliency of the organization. Our transition strategy has always included research reports, conference presentations, workshops, journal articles, and podcasts, and we still plan to use those methods for communicating the results of our research. However, with the insider threat landscape changing so quickly, we believe a blog is an effective vehicle for addressing current issues in a timelier manner.