Archive: 2019-01

In academia, government, and industry, DevOps has become a standard, straightforward option for streamlining efforts and increasing comprehensive participation by all stakeholders in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). In highly regulated environments (HREs) within these three sectors, however, applying DevOps can prove challenging. HREs are mandated by policies for various reasons, the most often being general security and protection of intellectual property thus making the sharing and open access principles of DevOps that much harder to apply. In this blog post series DevOps and HREs, which is based on a published paper, we will discuss the process, challenges, approaches, and lessons learned in implementing DevOps in the software development lifecycle in HREs. In this first post, we will explore challenges (and goals) to implementing DevOps in HREs. The majority of what you will read in the series stems from our experiences in performing these tasks. In addition to presenting challenges, this post gives an overview of what an HRE is, what you should expect to find in these environments, and what DevOps implementation obstacles may be present.