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 AADL: SAVI and Beyond

The size and complexity of aerospace software systems has increased significantly in recent years. When looking at source lines of code (SLOC), the size of systems has doubled every four years since the mid 1990s, according to a recent SEI...

 The Need to Specify Requirements for Off-Nominal Behavior

In our work with acquisitionprograms, we've often observed a major problem: requirements specifications that are incomplete, with many functional requirements missing. Whereas requirements specifications typically specify normal system behavior, they are often woefully incomplete when it comes to off-nominal behavior,...

 A Summary of Key SEI R&D Accomplishments in 2011

A key mission of the SEI is to advance the practice of software engineering and cyber security through research and technology transition to ensure the development and operation of software-reliant Department of Defense (DoD) systems with predictable and improved quality,...

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