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 Security Modeling Tools

 EMFTA: an Open Source Tool for Fault Tree Analysis

 Improving System and Software Security with AADL

 Managing Software Complexity in Models

 AADL Code Generation for Avionics Systems

 AADL: Four Real-World Perspectives

 Managing Model Complexity

 Code Generation with AADL: A State-of-the-Art Report

 Architecture Analysis Using AADL: A Beginner's Perspective

 Specifying Behavior with AADL

 Detecting Architecture Traps and Pitfalls in Safety-Critical Software

 AADL: SAVI and Beyond

 AADL: Initial Foundations

 AADL in the Medical Domain

 AADL Tools: Leveraging the Ecosystem

 Introduction to the Architecture Analysis & Design Language

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