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 Technical Co-Chairs Review Highlights of SATURN 2018

 Call for Papers: International Conference on Technical Debt (TechDebt 2018)

 Blog post summarizing SATURN 2017

 SATURN 2017 Awards Conferred

 Looking Forward to SATURN 2017

 Call for Submission to the Ninth International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt (MTD 2017)

 Seven Proposal-Writing Tips that Make Conference Program Committees Smile!

 SATURN 2016 Awards Conferred

 Special Event at SATURN 2016: Kids and IoT

 What Makes a Good Software Architect?

 International Workshop on Continuous Software Evolution and Delivery at ICSE 2016

 Why Should You Attend SATURN 2016?

 New This Year at SATURN: DEV@SATURN Talks

 How to Deliver a Great SATURN 2016 Presentation

 Introducing SATURN 2016 Technical Co-Chairs

 Why the Internet of Things (IoT) as a Special Theme for SATURN 2016?

 SATURN 2016 Call for Submissions Is Open

 SATURN 2016 Proposal Guidelines

 SATURN 2015 Recordings; 2016 Call Coming Soon

 SEI Hosts 12th Annual Architecture-Centric Engineering Workshop for Educators

 Eltjo Poort's Review of SATURN 2015

 Please help the SEI make its website more effective

 First Software Solutions Conference, Arlington, Va., Nov. 16-18, 2015

 Rwandan Student Discovers Passion for Software Architecture at SATURN 2015

 Volunteers Sought for Software Complexity Study

 Rich Program Earns Praise from SATURN 2015 Conference Attendees

 Microservices Workshop at SATURN 2015

 Gregor Hohpe's Impressions of SATURN 2015

 SATURN 2015 Awards Conferred

 SATURN 2015 Keynote: Rethinking Architecture in the Context of DevOps (Session Notes)

 SATURN 2015: Leading Change: Engaging Critical Stakeholders for Project Success (Session Notes)

 SATURN 2015: The Architectural Analysis for Security (AAFS) Method

 SATURN 2015: Maturing Agile Teams and Driving Quality Through Architecture Principles (Session Notes)

 SATURN 2015: Agilizing the Architecture Department (Session Notes)

 SATURN 2015: Programming in the 1960s: A Personal History (Session Notes)

 SATURN 2015: Perspectives on the Modern Practice of Software Architecture (Session Notes)

 SATURN 2015: Systems Characterization: An Approach to Modernizing Disparate Legacy Systems (Session Notes)

 SATURN 2015: QA to AQ: Shifting from Quality Assurance to Agile Quality (Session Notes)

 SATURN 2015: DevOps Essentials for Software Architects

 SATURN 2015: Never Again Offline?! Experiences in the Outstanding Role of Data in a Large-Scale Mobile App Ecosystem (Session Notes)

 SATURN 2015 Keynote: It's Good to Be Architect (Session Notes)

 SATURN 2015: Open Medical Record System Plus (OpenMRS+): OpenMRS for Non-Communicable Diseases (Session Notes)

 SATURN 2015: Living a Nightmare, Dreaming a Dream: A Drupal Deployment Dilemma (Session Notes)

 SATURN 2015: Software Architecture as Code (Session Notes)

 SATURN 2015: Open Systems Architectures: Progress and Challenges (Session Notes)

 SATURN 2015: Design Thinking Is for You (Session Notes)

 SATURN 2015: Improving Architectural Refactoring Using Kanban and the Mikado Method (Session Notes)

 SATURN 2015: ADD 3.0: Rethinking Drivers and Decisions in the Design Process (Session Notes)

 SATURN 2015: Systems of Action: A Stack Model for Capability Classification (Session Notes)

 SATURN 2015: Introduction to Architecture-Centric Design Thinking (Session Notes)

 SATURN 2015: Injection, Modularity, and Testing: An Architecturally Interesting Intersection (Session Notes)

 SATURN 2015 Keynote: Progress Toward an Engineering Discipline of Software (Session Notes)

 Microservices to Go on Trial at SATURN 2015

 Seventh International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt (MTD 2015)

 Architecture Boot Camp at SATURN 2015

 Link Roundup, 3-24-15: Women in Software Architecture

 SATURN 2015 Invited Speakers

 Link Roundup, 3-16-15: Billions and Billions Served: Real-Time Distributed Messaging

 Second International Workshop on Software Architecture and Metrics at ICSE 2015 - Call for Participation

 12th SEI Architecture-Centric Engineering (ACE) Workshop for Educators

 SATURN Technical Program Explores Cutting-Edge Methods and Essential Skills

 WICSA/CompArch 2015 Call for Workshop Papers

 SEI Offers Courses on Big Data, DevOps, and Technical Debt at SATURN 2015

 Link Roundup, 2-5-15: Software Architecture Modeling

 CNN/Money Says Software Architect Is "Best Job in America"

 Link Roundup, 1-26-15: Centralized Architecture

 Link Roundup, 1-20-15: Clouds at Hyperscale

 Deadlines Approaching for MobileSoft 2015

 Free SEI Webinar 1/21/15: Architecting Software in a New Age

 Link Roundup, 1-5-15: Refactoring

 SAM 2015 Workshop Keynotes: Radu Marinescu and Tim Menzies

 Architectural Concepts Podcast: SATURN 2015 and Why You Should Plan to Attend

 SATURN 2015 Keynotes

 Call for Workshops--WICSA/CompArch 2015

 Link Roundup, 12-12-14: Cross-Language and Cross-Platform Development

 Why You Should Submit Your SATURN 2015 Proposal NOW

 Second International Workshop on Software Architecture and Metrics at ICSE 2015 - Call for Papers

 National Medal of Technology and Innovation Recipient Mary Shaw to Deliver Keynote at SATURN 2015

 SEI Offers Course on Big Data

 Link Roundup, 11/12/14: Minimum Viable Architecture

 Link Roundup, 10/21/14: The Watson Explorer

 Link Roundup, 10/13/14: Deep Neural Networks

 Coming November 3-6, 2014, Pgh. Pa.: TSP Symposium 2014

 Link Roundup, 9/30/14: Mobile Wallets

 "What I learned at a SATURN conference and applied in my organization"

 MobileSoft 2015: 2nd ACM International Conference on Mobile Software Engineering and Systems

 Link Roundup, 9/22/14: Consensus Algorithms and Distributed Systems

 SATURN 2015 Proposal Guidelines

 Making SATURN 2015 the Best SATURN Conference Ever

 Link Roundup, 9/8/14: Microservice Architecture

 Jørn Ølmheim and Harald Wesenberg on Teaching Architecture Metamodel-First, George Fairbanks, SATURN 2014 Presentation

 Link Roundup, 9/2/14: DevOps: Definitions and Misconceptions

 SEI Presentations on DevOps and Testing in Chicago, September 18

 Link Roundup, 8/21/14: Wearable Computing

 Link Roundup, 8/14/14: Test-Driven Development: Dead or Alive?

 Free SEI Webinar 9/11: Architecture Analysis with AADL

 Rey Hernandez on For Maximum Awesome, Joe Justice SATURN 2014 Keynote

 Link Roundup, July 29, 2014: The Cloud

 Anthony Tsakiris on Facilitating the Mini Quality Attributes Workshop, Will Chaparro and Michael Keeling, SATURN 2014 Presentation

 Russ Miller on Engineering Velocity: Continuous Delivery at Netflix, Dianne Marsh, SATURN 2014 Keynote

 Link Roundup, July 23, 2014: Agile-Related

 Link Roundup, July 10, 2014: Internet of Things

 Podcast: Amazing Architectures Don't Happen by Accident

 SEI to Host 11th ACE Educators Workshop

 Architecture Analysis Using AADL: A Beginner's Perspective

 Impressions of SATURN 2014

 Wide-Ranging SATURN 2014 Conference Draws Near-Record Attendance

 Scott Hanselman Interviews Len Bass at SATURN 2014

 Sixth International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt

 SATURN 2014 Team Collaboration Session (notes)

 SATURN 2014 Promoting Quality Attributes: Lessons Learned from the Trenches Session (notes)

 SATURN 2014 Art and Science of Scalability Session (notes)

 SATURN 2014 The Business of Software Architecture Session (notes)

 SATURN 2014 Architecting in the Enterprise Session (notes)

 SATURN 2014 DevOps and Delivery Session (notes)

 SATURN 2014 Awards Conferred

 SATURN 2014 Architectural Modeling Session (notes)

 SATURN 2014 Building a Community of Practice Session (notes)

 SATURN 2014 Growing Great Architects Session (notes)

 SATURN 2014 Insights in Evolution Session (notes)

 Exciting Events Added to SATURN 2014 Program

 Getting Ready for Portland: 5 Quirky Things

 Fourth Keynote Added to SATURN Program: Dianne Marsh of Netflix

 Free SEI Webinar, Software Architecture: Trends and New Directions

 New This Year at SATURN 2014: Open Space

 SATURN Loves Students: 50% off Registration

 Distinguished Speakers, Strong Technical Program Set for SATURN 2014

 Technical Chair Michael Keeling on How to Get the Most Out of SATURN 2014

 The SATURN 2014 Technical Program is Published, and It Is Amazing!

 SATURN 2014 Line-up of Tutorials

 New and Discounted Courses Offered at SATURN 2014

 Jerome Pesenti of IBM Watson Core Technology to Deliver Closing Keynote at SATURN 2014

 Joe Justice, Founder of Team WIKISPEED, to keynote at SATURN 2014

 Bill Opdyke, "Father of Object-Oriented Code Refactoring," to Keynote at SATURN 2014

 Register Now for SATURN 2014 Conference

 1st ACM International Conference on Mobile Software Engineering and Systems (MobileSoft 2014)

 The Importance of Software Architecture in Big Data Systems

 SATURN Technical Chair Michael Keeling (IBM) Discusses Conference Highlights

 Using Scenario-Based Architecture Analysis to Inform Code Quality Metrics

 7 Tips for Writing a Great Submission Proposal

 Best of SATURN: A Curated Selection from Jeromy Carriere (Google)

 Webinar: Architecture Practices for Agile at Scale: Managing Technical Debt to Improve System Quality

 Early Acceptance Deadline Approaching--Have You Submitted Your SATURN 2014 Proposal Yet?

 How Much Does it Cost to Attend SATURN 2014?

 SATURN 2014 Proposal Guidelines

 Why Participatory Sessions at SATURN 2014?

 1st ACM International Conference on Mobile Software Engineering and Systems (MobileSoft 2014)

 Workshop on Software Architecture Metrics at WICSA 2014 - Call for Papers

 SATURN 2014 Is the Conference for Software Architecture Practitioners

 Workshop on Architecting Mobile-enabled Systems at WICSA 2014

 SATURN 2014 Call for Submissions

 Workshop on Managing Technical Debt at ESEIW 2013

 SEI’s Architecture Practices Work Showcased at 35th International Software Engineering Conference (ICSE)

 SEI Architecture Training in Los Angeles

 Great Feedback from SATURN 2013 Attendees

 Download all SATURN 2013 Presentations Now

 Migrating Legacy Applications: Challenges in Service Oriented Architecture and Cloud Computing Environments

 SATURN 2013 Awards Conferred

 SATURN 2013 IEEE Invited Talk: Games Software Architects Play, Philippe Kruchten

 SATURN 2013 Governance and Education Session (notes)

 SATURN 2013 Fusion Methods Session (notes)

 SATURN 2013 Architectural Evaluation Session (notes)

 SATURN 2013 Keynote: Learning to Surf, Mary Poppendieck (notes)

 SATURN 2013 Mobile Computing Session (notes)

 Get Involved in SEI Research

 SATURN 2013 Web and Cloud Architecture Design Session (notes)

 SATURN 2013 Agile II Session (notes)

 SATURN 2013 Agile I Session (notes)

 SATURN 2013 Method Tailoring and Extensibility Session (notes)

 SATURN 2013 Modeling and Documentation Session (notes)

 SATURN 2013 Cloud Computing Session (notes)

 SATURN 2013 Keynote: and the Future of Work, Scott Berkun

 SATURN 2013 Sustainability and Security Session (notes)

 SATURN 2013 Keynote Address: 15 Years of SOA at Credit Suisse: Lessons Learned and Remaining Challenges, Stephan Murer

 SATURN 2013 Open Space: Participate!

 SATURN 2013 Lightning Talks: Participate!

 Record Attendance at SATURN 2013; Tutorials Available; Special Events Planned

 Architecting Service-Oriented Systems

 International Workshop on the Engineering of Mobile-Enabled Systems (MOBS 2013)

 5th International Workshop on Principles of Engineering Service-Oriented Systems (PESOS 2013)

 SATURN 2013 Program Highlights from Conference Program Chairs

 Learn and Practice Architectural Coaching at SATURN

 Learn About Risk- and Cost-Driven Architecture (RCDA) at SATURN

 Workshop on Managing Technical Debt at ICSE 2013

 Free Download of SATURN 2013 Keynote Speaker Scott Berkun's Book of Essays

 Introduction to the Architecture Analysis and Description Language (AADL)

 Why Attend SATURN 2013?

 SATURN 2013 Super-Early-Bird Registration Expires March 10

 Discounted SEI Courses Offered at SATURN 2013

 SEI Virtual Tutorial, Feb. 27 (Part 1): Architecture & Design of Service-Oriented Systems

 Available Now: SOA Migration, Adoption, and Reuse Technique (SMART) Resources

 SATURN 2013 Tutorial Highlights

 Philippe Kruchten to Deliver Invited Talk at SATURN 2013

 Author Scott Berkun to Speak at SATURN 2013

 Register Now for SATURN 2013

 Stephan Murer of Credit Suisse to Deliver Keynote at SATURN 2013

 Steve McConnell to Speak at Fourth International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt (ICSE 2013)

 Reflections on 20 Years of Software Architecture: Presentations by Jeromy Carriere and Ian Gorton

 Reflections in Software Architecture: Presentations by Jeromy Carriere & Ian Gorton

 Press Release: ACM Distinguished Paper to be Awarded for Best Contribution of QoSA 2013 Conference

 Mary Poppendieck, Expert on Lean Software Development, Will Keynote SATURN 2013

 Call for Papers: 5th International Workshop on Principles of Engineering Service-Oriented Systems

 "Model-Based Engineering with AADL" Selected for Intel Recommended Reading List

 Call for Papers: International Workshop on the Engineering of Mobile-Enabled Systems (MOBS 2013)

 Call for Papers, Fourth International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt at ICSE 2013

 SEI Virtual Event: Architecting in a Complex World

 Call for Research and Industry Papers, 17th International Software Product Line Conference (SPLC 2013)

 Reflection on 20 Years of Software Architecture: A Presentation by Robert Schwanke

 Reflections on 20 Years of Software Architecture: A Presentation by Robert Schwanke

 SATURN 2013: Criteria for Evaluating Submissions

 Reflections on 20 Years of Architecture: A Presentation by Douglas C. Schmidt

 Reflections on 20 Years of Software Architecture: A Presentation by Linda Northrop

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